New things start

Starting new job is always exciting, but also slightly terrifying . So many hopes and expectations (both from your my workplace but also from myself), some anxieties …but definitely no regrets, that I have undertaken this all changing move :).

New job can be a great exploring tool. New people, new places, new ways of doing things I might already know, but also (hopefully) some things totally new to me. I really plan to savour it day by day.

This week I have learned how a very very very long commute to my training site can be transformed into a great journey to see lovely little town or exploring trip of an old railway station. And train wagon into a lovely breakfast café or library reading room :).

And most fascinating of all – observing people. Hurrying to work, coming back from holidays, unexpectedly meeting friends, struggling with lots of heavy luggage or deep sank into their own world with headphones covering their ears.

Is somebody observing me too ? 🙂Paddington


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